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For the past six months, Kenya has been going through a transition from analogue to digital TV signals, in order to comply with the international deadline of switching all transmissions to digital by June 2015. In January, GeoPoll conducted our first survey on the switch, finding that while 88% of respondents were aware of needing a digital device to receive signal, far fewer had access to digital signal. In March we reported that 38% nationally and 53% in Nairobi had switched to a Set-Top-Box, required to receive digital TV channels. 

For the past few months we have run regular surveys on digital migration in Kenya, and are pleased to release our newest report. From March to July, we have observed an average of 46% who report that they have a TV in their household, and the remainder of this data is based on those respondents who have a TV. 

We have found that of those who have a TV in their household, similar proportions have reported owning a set top box in May, June, and July. In July 63% reported owning a set top box. This percentage is higher in Nairobi, where in July 72% of those who have a TV reported owning a set top box. Overall, set top box penetration is highest in Nairobi, Rift Valley, and Central.


For the high-level report, including information on set top box penetration from May-July 2015, preferred types of set top box, viewing and channel surfing habits of those with set top boxes, and barriers to access for those who have not switched, click below or contact us to inquire about the full, 15 question data set. 


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