GeoPoll is a community of millions of people from across the world who come together to provide data and insights that are used by governments, international development organisations, brands and others to make important decisions. Through the GeoPoll App, SMS, web, phone calls and even face-to-face and online sessions, the GeoPoll community members take part in surveys and other surveys, most of which they earn from.

The bigger the GeoPoll Comunity the better, so that we can make the data we collect comprehensive and inclusive. The community – you and all of us – plays a big role with getting the community bigger and bigger. In return, we appreciate you for every new community member you invite to GeoPoll, with GeoPoll credit which you can redeem for airtime, money and other forms.

Quick steps: How to Invite Friends to GeoPoll

  1. At the bottom of your App homepage, tap the Invite a Friend icon to open the Invite a Friend page.
  2. Enter your name to customize your Invite message.
  3. Note the Invite code. That is unique to you. You can:
    • Copy – to paste and edit the invite message wherever you want to share it.
    • Share – to post directly on your communication and social channels.
  4. See Invite and Earning history on the the History tab.
  5. Ensure that when your friends install the App, they enter your invite code during the registration process. That is the only way we can attribute the invite to you.
  6. Watch your GeoPoll credit grow! Every successful registration from your invite code gets you money – the amount varies from country to country. You should ereceive your credit within 48 hours of confirmed referral installs citing your code.

It’s as simple as that! Go on, try it. If you encounter any issue, you can, as always, contact GeoPoll Support through the App or here.