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The bee is one of the most intriguing insects in the world. They live together in a community that they protect and fend for – together. And this togetherness – sheer numbers – makes bees formidable. Bees feed the world: A third of the world’s food production depends on bees – pollination.

A random bee (okay, not so random – they are called foragers or scouts), goes out of the hive to search for food and comes across your bed of rose flowers or blooming beans. That’s a jackpot right there! She smells and tastes some of the nectar and concludes that it’s okay, not just for herself, but for her friends and family back in the hive. Of course, she cannot have it all alone. She knows she lives in a community, and it is much much better when she shares.

So, she communicates this newfound treasure with the rest of the colony. Her communication is fun – it’s a dance, you know, circling around, stamping legs, wagging her abdomen, and other movements that other bees happily interpret and follow her to the flowers, for a feast. The dance is called a waggle. 🙂

The GeoPoll Community

Now, let’s talk about this other community that we are members of – the GeoPoll Community. Over the years, the GeoPoll community has grown to over 5 million respondents across the world. We are many, like bees! And we keep growing, largely due to other community members choosing to enjoy the benefits and the fun that is GeoPoll, with others.

By now you know that you can earn by inviting your friends to GeoPoll. That’s right. In most countries GeoPoll is present in, when you invite someone else to the GeoPoll app and they join the community, you get paid!

How to Invite a Friend to GeoPoll:

Inviting a friend to GeoPoll is simple. Here is our bee waggle:

Invite a Friend GeoPoll

1. On your App homepage, tap “Invite a Friend” to open the Invite a Friend page.

2. Enter your name to customize your Invite message.

3. Note the Invite code. That is unique to you. You can:

  • Share – to post directly on your communication and social channels.
  • Copy – to paste and edit the invite message wherever you want to share it.
  • Search my Contacts – If you allow GeoPoll access to your phone contacts, they will pop up and you will simply send an SMS to the contacts you choose.
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4. Ensure that when your friends install the App, they enter your invite code during the registration process. That is the only way we can attribute the invite to you. 

5. Watch your GeoPoll credit grow! Every successful registration from your invite code gets you money – the amount varies from country to country. 

It’s that simple. Let’s share the pollen and continue growing our community! We add to your credit within 72 hours as we have to check for quality – pretty standard.

Please note that the Invite a Friend feature is disabled in a few countries, but we are working on getting it back up soon.

If you don’t have the App, install it now and camp on the Invite a Friend page – earn as much as you can!

Let’s waggle!

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