Depending on the objective, there are several research types (Also known as Research Modes) that GeoPoll runs. If you are already part of the GeoPoll community, you could have engaged in at least one of them.

Let’s briefly go through some of the most common GeoPoll Research types, so that you understand them better:

SMS (Text Message) Surveys

SMS surveys are sent to any type of phone, whether it has internet access or not. Basically, you receive back and forth text messages from GeoPoll, that you reply to based on the questions. Some have multiple-choice options (for example, answer 1, 2, 3, etc.) and some are open-ended, so you reply with your own answers.

Test message surveys are free for you, no matter the number of questions. You receive your payment to your phone number in the form of mobile airtime on completion of the survey – so, ensure you complete the survey before you are timed out. 

geopoll research types: SMS

Mobile Web Surveys

For mobile web surveys, you receive survey links through a couple of ways SMS or Social Media. You then simply click on the link and get redirected to a web page where you complete the survey. Don’t worry too much about the cost of internet data – we have made these mobile web pages very light, so they are both fast and use little data.

Often, the first field is to enter your phone number so that you can receive your payment on completion.

GeoPoll Research types: Mobile web

Mobile Application Surveys And Tasks

The GeoPoll App is the most comprehensive way to get, not only surveys but also other tasks, like photography gigs, price checking errands, App reviews, and others. All different ways to make extra money.

To get new surveys in real-time on the App, you need to have your notifications on. We push new surveys through these notifications to users we know have their notifications on. Simply tap the notification arrives and get redirected to the survey/task. You can also see new tasks by opening your App if you miss the notification. So keep checking.

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Different from the SMS and mobile web surveys, your earnings on the App are stored as GeoPoll Credit, which you can allow to accumulate and then redeem as cash.

geopoll app

Voice Call Surveys

Voice call surveys are just that. We call you and interview you over the phone, aided by our world-renowned Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) platform. All you need to do is receive the phone call and speak to the enumerator, as he/she notes your responses.

GeoPoll Research types: voice interviews

Market Research Online Communities

Imagine a brand that wants to have candid discussions with its product consumers – a discussion where a group of people contributes and debates on the product to give the brand a better understanding of the market. What would it do in this digital age?

Just like you create WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram groups to discuss issues, the brand creating an online group of respondents would be a good option, right? That’s right, we help organizations recruit market research online communities (MROCs) from the GeoPoll community – you!

geopoll research types: WhatsApp MROCS

Face-To-Face Interviews

GeoPoll also collects information through face to face conversations with our respondent communities. This involves meeting up with our enumerators, at a place that you are comfortable with – could be your home, office, school, our office – anywhere, really. The enumerator will have a computer, tablet or smartphone to record your answers in the GeoPoll Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) application. Remember we are tech-driven – paper is not good for the environment, good people 🙂

Face to Face GeoPoll interviews

See, there are several opportunities with GeoPoll! All you need to do is remain an active member of the GeoPoll community and take part in any of the research types.

GeoPoll Research Modes for Organizations:

If you are an organization looking for GeoPoll research services, learn more about our services and research modes here.


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