By definition, a research panel is a group of people selected to participate in survey research on an ongoing basis. It is a continuing sample of the population participating in surveys, polls, or focus groups, at regular intervals and over an extended period of time.research panels and samples

This article looks at some of the advantages of research panels and considerations when constituting a panel.

Benefits of using research panels

  • Increased complete rates – Since the panel members know about you and are used to hearing from you, they form a habit of responding to your surveys
  • Conduct research faster – Related to the point above, deploying survey questions to an existing panel allows organizations to quickly and easily get answers to questions, fast.
  • It’s relatively cheaper – Recruiting samples can be expensive. Having a group of people ready to answer questions saves on these costs.
  • Deeper insights – With a panel, you can go back to the same group of people to expound on several questions while building a data relationship.
  • Trends and changes – Due to the continuous nature of research panels, organizations can record behavioral changes across different demographics.

Considerations when constituting a research panel

Select a representative sample: The panelists must correspond to the intended population for a study to be consistent with the topic under study. To have a reliable representative sample, you must consider certain criteria such as gender, age, socio-professional category, or even aspects such as consumption habits. The bottom-line fact is that the quality of your data is only as good as the quality and representation of the users taking the survey.

Screen the sample: Before embarking on the study, it is essential to screen the pool of potential panelists to develop an ideal sample. Screening is best in the first survey, usually, a profiling survey, to better understand the target audience, qualify them for the panel, and set the tone for continuous analysis based on who they are.

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Keep the panelists engaged to reduce churn: As with every membership, it is normal for panelists to lose steam in the middle of a panel study, especially if they are not engaged enough. Find ways to keep the panelists busy between surveys, make the surveys optimally spaced, and consider incentivizing the panelists to stay on.

GeoPoll Panels

GeoPoll can reach over 270 million individuals across the world. This is a big pool from which we can draw and manage efficient panels. Our media audience measurement, brand health tracking, customer satisfaction tracking solutions, and several client projects are great examples of research panels that we constitute and manage for fast, accurate insights. Reach out to us to discuss your panel needs.