The Media landscape in Africa has been evolving over time. This evolution has seen the explosion of traditional and new media even as the media and audiences become further fragmented due to new technological advancements in the broadcast spectrum.

In Africa, where Radio and TV are still kings, the growth of a variety of channels on Radio has seen the rise of community radio that has curated content based on the various indigenous languages spoken across Africa. Although the growth in TV ownership has not been as rapid than that of Radio, there is still a significant growth even as the content becomes diverse and localized.

GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement Service provides daily ratings that track audience behavior for the media landscape in 11 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. For Quarter One 2018, we are pleased to provide high-level media insights that offer a better understanding of the TV and Radio audience in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Rwanda by focusing on the following aspects of audience measurement:

Radio Ratings 

  • Top 5 radio stations quarterly trend audience share
  • Audience measurement share of selected radio stations for the past 1 year
  • Top radio stations day part analysis for the quarter
  • Top 3 radio stations at regional level

Television Ratings

  • Top 5 TV stations in audience share for the past 3 quarters
  • Audience market share of selected TV stations for the past 1 year
  • Country’s top 5 TV stations day part analysis for the quarter

Audience Measurement in Africa: Highlights

Kenya Audience Ratings

Radio Maisha and Kiss FM maintain their share of 12% and 7% respectively since July 2017.   Citizen TV takes the leading position in audience share from July 2017. KTN drops by 1% share in Q4 2017. Download Report. 

Uganda Audience Ratings

Bukedde FM and Radio West gain a 1% share each in Q1 2018 whereas NBS FM losing the 1% share. NTV is ranked the 1st in audience share in the past 1 year with its peak being spotted in April, October and November 2017. Download Report. 

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Nigeria Audience Ratings

Ray Power FM, Splash FM, and Adaba FM tend to maintain their shares of 8%, 3%, and 3% respectively from July 2017. There is a general increase in audience share for the top 5 TV stations from July 2017. Channels TV has the most viewership during peak hours in Q1 2018. Download Report.

Rwanda Audience Ratings

Radio Rwanda achieves its highest audience share of 35% in Q3 2017 then maintaining its 30% share thereafter. The most audience share is attained by Rwanda TV between July to September 2017 with a share of 37%. Download Report.

About GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement Service

GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement Service is the first and only provider of daily, overnight audience measurement ratings in multiple countries throughout Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Developed in conjunction with Kantar Media, GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement Service uses a unique mobile-based methodology to capture watching, listening, and reading trends in real-time, providing media owners and agencies with accurate, up-to-date data. To learn more please contact us.