GeoPoll Solutions

Flexible solutions to meet your needs

GeoPoll offers one-off surveys, ongoing data collection, and pre-built data products for brands, media houses, international development organizations and humanitarian aid groups.

Consumer research solutions

Custom Research

Send custom surveys to your target audience

Audience Measurement

Daily audience measurement data in emerging markets

Brand Health Tracking

Collect ongoing brand health and awareness data

Out of Home Research

Conduct Out of Home measurement and monitoring

Net Promoter Score

Assess how your NPS is performing over time

Customer Satisfaction

Monitor satisfaction at retail locations or through a customer database

Concept Testing

Test campaign messaging, product packaging and price

Financial Services

Measure usage and perception of mobile money, banks, and loan providers

Informal Trade Data

Gather data on product movement and customer requests from market traders

International Development & Relief Sectors

Humanitarian Aid

Reach populations affected by natural disaster, conflict, and disease

Monitoring & Evaluation

Gather real-time data for more effective M&E work

Food & Agriculture

Remotely monitor changes in food security and agriculture

Health & Nutrition

Monitor and improve health systems with on-the-ground data

Democracy & Governance

Reach citizens in remote areas and conflict zones


Develop effective resilience programming with data

Combatting Violent Extremism

Reach local communities to combat extremism

Financial Inclusion

Assess financial inclusion in emerging markets and reach unbanked populations

Energy, Climate & Environment

Gather direct feedback on energy and climate concerns

Education & Employment

Reach teachers, parents, and youth

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