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Our Value

Looking for datasets to fine-tune large language models (LLMs) and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)? GeoPoll provides an extensive data repository with over 30 million surveys conducted in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, spanning a wide array of verticals, demographics, and use cases. Alternatively, you can request custom research from anywhere in the world tailored to your specific needs. We also offer advanced AI fine-tuning and retrieval-augmented generation capabilities, as well as end-to-end AI model customization solutions.


Our datasets are not just data points, but real-life information created through interviews with real humans to ensure a human touch, authenticity, and relevance.


We employ a stringent sample design to ensure representativeness across diverse populations and enhance the quality and reliability of the data, giving you the confidence you need.

Multiple Data Options

Our data is collected through meticulous text data entry, interviews, and high-quality audio and video recordings, providing rich multimedia resources for analysis.

Precise Transcriptions

Human-written transcripts accompany the audio and video to provide written versions of what was said or shown, facilitating more accurate speech recognition and natural language understanding.

Our Datasets

Utilize our vast collection of industry-spanning datasets to train AI models that are specifically tailored to your unique needs across diverse domains and use cases. Our datasets undergo a thorough curation process, quality checks, and processing to ensure that your AI model is optimally trained. We are constantly expanding our library with new, unique, and market-relevant data sources, and you have the option to bundle complementary datasets or create custom training datasets.

News, Social Media, and Online Content Datasets

  • Curated corpora from online news sources, blogs, forums, and social platforms
  • Covers various topics like current events, pop culture, niche interests, and more

Enables training for content understanding, recommendation, and generation

Consumer Survey and Market Research Datasets

  • In-depth survey responses from diverse demographic groups
  • Insights into consumer preferences, opinions, and behaviors across industries

Valuable for customer segmentation, sentiment analysis, demand forecasting

Demographics and Socioeconomic Datasets

  • Detailed information on population segments, income levels, education, etc.
  • Helps build AI tailored to different socioeconomic backgrounds

Enables personalization, targeted product/service offerings

Industry and Domain-Specific Datasets

  • Vertical datasets for finance, healthcare, agriculture, energy, and more
  • Includes technical documentation, research papers, commercial data

Facilitates training domain-specific AI assistants, analytics models

Language and Dialect Corpora

  • Text data spanning multiple languages, dialects, and linguistic variations
  • Enables training multilingual AI models and language translation tools

Covers formal, colloquial, and niche/regional language use cases


  • Size of an area by population, growth rate and Socio-Economic Development Index (SEDI) profile.
  • Economic activity, amenities in the area, and climate conditions in given times of the year.

Adequately understand and identify a population, its realities, and challenges.

Use Cases & Applications

Commercial Businesses & Brands

  • Intelligent virtual assistants and conversational AI for customer service
  • Personalized product recommendations and targeted marketing
  • Sentiment analysis and voice-of-customer analytics
  • Forecasting models for sales, demand, and supply chain optimization
  • Language translation and content localization

Social/Humanitarian Initiatives:

  • AI-powered education and literacy tools for underserved communities
  • Health information chatbots for public awareness and preventive care
  • Early-warning systems and response coordination for crisis situations
  • Financial inclusion programs with personalized advisory and lending
  • Surveys and feedback analysis to identify grassroots needs

Tech Companies:

  • General-purpose language models for NLP tasks and applications
  • Customized, domain-specific AI solutions for verticals like healthcare, finance, food security, etc.
  • Multilingual AI assistants for global product/service experiences
  • Research in areas like multimodal learning, transfer learning, few-shot learning

Academic Research:

  • Natural language processing and generation studies
  • Sociolinguistic research and language preservation efforts
  • Public policy analysis and social science explorations
  • Biomedical and scientific research publications
  • Dataset creation and benchmarking for AI model evaluation

Access over 1 million hours of transcribed recordings from across Africa

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