Kantar-GeoPoll Media Measurement provides daily data on TV and Radio in 6 countries in Africa, and GeoPoll has analyzed the top radio stations in Nigeria for the past three months, from May 1st – July 31st. We examined both ratings* and share** for the top radio stations in the Nigerian states of Abia, Edo, Enugu, Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), Kaduna, Lagos, Oyo, and Rivers.

The below chart shows the average ratings for the top 10 channels during the day from 06:00 to 20:00 (6am to 10pm).


Nigeria boasts numerous radio stations that are organized by state and ultimately the high rating for “other” in the above chart points to fragmented listenership across these 8 states. Wazobia FM and Ray Power FM have higher listenership ratings throughout the day compared to the other stations. Bond FM listeners appear to be tuned more in the morning period between 06:00 – 08:00, and Splash FM gets higher ratings between 08:00-10:00.

GeoPoll also examined average share over the entire period from May 1st – July 31st as a way of ranking the top stations. GeoPoll found that Wazobia FM and Ray Power FM are the top stations in the 8 states studied, with a combined share of 24%. Wazobia FM and Ray Power FM are in close competition for listeners, with an average of 11.6% of the radio share each. Cool FM and Splash FM follow with 7.0% and 6.6% shares respectively. We also see Brila FM, Yes FM and Radio Lagos closely competing for share. 

We also looked at radio share for stations in Lagos State to observe some of the local differences. In Lagos State, the top stations are similar: Wazobia FM, with a share of 14.5%, and Ray Power FM, with a 11.8% share. Cool FM has a higher share in Lagos than it does in all 8 states at 10.3%, and Radio Lagos, which has a share of 4.0% in the combined sates, has a share of 8.6% in Lagos State. Bond FM and Faaji FM also have higher ratings in Lagos State, as demonstrated in the chart below. 

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The rankings of top stations by share has stayed largely the same since our last study, which observed share from February to April 2015. During that time period, Ray Power had a slightly higher share than Wazobia, 13.2% to 11.6%, and Splash FM was ranked third with 6.8% share. Cool FM has increased in ratings since the February-April report, jumping from 5.45% share to 7.0% share.  You can see the full report from February – April 2015 here.  

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 is the proportion watching/listening to a station out of the total sample at that time, multiplied by 100. If 50 people out of 500 surveyed watched Station X, the rating for Station X would be (50/500)*100) = 10. In Uganda, GeoPoll’s Media Measurement Panel includes a sample of over 500 respondents for every time period. 

**Share is the proportion watching or listening to Station X, out of all those watching at that time. This is equal to the proportion watching a station during a given time divided by the total number watching at that time.