A user recently asked us through our Facebook page why we ask the questions we ask in surveys and how we use the data we collect. In this article, we will look at a few real-life examples of the information we collect and why we do, to help answer this question.

Bringing Aid to Those in Crisis and Improving Lives

Earlier this year, Cyclone Idai, one of the strongest storms on record, brought destruction to multiple areas, particularly central Mozambique. The winds and the floods were very strong and people were losing their lives and property at alarming rates. Humanitarian aid was needed urgently, but development organizations were unable to access the area to assess the damage and most pressing needs.

That’s where the power of mobile surveys and GeoPoll came in: We sent out SMS surveys to our respondents in Mozambique and quickly started receiving important on-the-ground information that we passed along to these organizations to help.

This is just one example of how data that we collect from our community of users across the world help in times of need and crisis. We work with governments and international development organizations to collect data that they use to improve lives, such as data on health, food security, education, employment, violent extremism, and more.

Media Ratings and Audience Measurement

If you are a member of the GeoPoll community in certain countries, you might have received surveys either on your GeoPoll App or by SMS asking you about your radio listenership, TV viewership, or newspaper readership. Wonder how your responses help advertisers and media houses?

Here is an example: let’s say a company wants to run a TV or radio advert. How do they know which stations and shows to advertise on for the best impact? How about the other side? The media house needs to understand how its programs are matching up with competitors to enable them to align their shows better. How would they do that? You guessed it right – through the media surveys you have been taking. Through the information you provide, advertisers and media houses can measure the size of audiences and assess the value of their activities.

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Guiding Executive and Marketing Decisions

Company Y, a soap manufacturer, wants to know what people feel about its soap products and if there is enough supply in the market. These are essential company metrics because they help improve their product offerings in the market and tailor their products to customer needs.  So they come to GeoPoll to help out, and we send out two tasks to our community. First, a survey about the soap to capture your feelings on the soap and what qualities to improve, and second, a photography errand to the nearest store, to find out if they have the soap in all required quantities and check their prices.


These are just a few real-life examples of the type of data we collect and why. As you can see, the data is valuable for multiple organisations, and you help them make more informed decisions. The information you provide improves the world in so many positive ways. Taking geopoll surveys is fun, because knowing your answers are impacting the world positively should be fun. You have fun while helping organizations make well-founded decisions – which you earn from.

Please remember that we never share your personal information with anyone, unless we expressly ask you. Rest assured that your privacy is guaranteed!

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