Pakistan’s geopolitical importance cannot be overstated. Due to its population and location, the country plays a pivotal role in the stability of much of South and Central Asia.

Recently, the rapid withdrawal of US troops, change in government, and escalating humanitarian crisis in neighboring Afghanistan impacted not only Pakistan but the entire region. To assess the impact of the tumultuous past few months on Pakistanis, GeoPoll conducted a survey in October 2021, following up on our study from January 2021.

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The survey gathers on the ground feedback from Pakistanis on a number of regionally important topics, including:

  • Foreign influences on the economy, military, politics, and culture of Pakistan
  • Perceptions on the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan
  • Thoughts on immigration, security, and international aid
  • The ongoing impacts of COVID-19
  • Personal finances and the country’s economy

Findings from the survey show continued Pakistani support for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Most do not support Pakistan allowing more Afghan refugees, however, worrying about their impact on the economy and security. COVID-19 continues to present economic challenges as well, with most reporting a decrease in income compared to before the pandemic. Despite these hardships, several positive trends surfaced, including an increase in likeliness to take the vaccine as soon as possible and an optimistic outlook for Pakistan’s future.

Click below to download GeoPoll’s full written report, or scroll down to view the survey data in the interactive data dashboard.

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Interactive Data Dashboard

Dive deeper into GeoPoll’s on-the-ground data from Pakistan using the dashboard below. Here, you can view all pieces of data from this study, filterable by Province, age group, gender, and question.

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