As part of Kantar-GeoPoll Media Measurement‘s daily surveys on audience habits for TV, radio, and print, GeoPoll is pleased to release this report on top TV and radio stations in Tanzania, popular viewing times, and more for Q1, 2016. To learn more about KGMM, see a demo of the system, and sign up for an account please contact us.

Top TV Stations

In Q1 2016 the top rated stations in Tanzania remained consistent from Q4: ITV, Clouds, and East Africa TV had the highest ratings.  ITV solidified its reach nationally by growing its audience from an average rating of 2.9 in Q4 to 3.5 in Q1, while Clouds and East Africa TV both went down in ratings points, from 3.1 to 3 and 2.6 to 2.3 respectively. Star TV pulled slightly ahead of Channel 10’s ratings in Q1 2016. Despite the growth in ratings points, ITV went slightly down in terms of audience share, the percentage of those watching TV who are tuned into a specific channel. Average ratings from Q1 2016 can be seen below:


Top Radio Stations

Clouds remained the dominant radio station in Tanzania with an average rating of 10.7, compared to 9.8 in Q4 2015. TBC Taifa, the second highest-rated station, decreased in ratings from 4.7 in Q4 to 4.5 in Q1, but maintained their second position. Radio Free Africa and Radio One had the same average rating in Q1, 3.8, while TBC FM’s ratings stayed consistent with Q4 2015. Once again Clouds, TBC Taifa, and Radio Free Africa were the top stations in terms of audience share, and 13% of audience share for radio went to “other” more regional stations.  Full national radio ratings are in the chart below:


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