86% of Kenyans say they have been keen on the ongoing campaign between Republican hopeful Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who is running on a Democratic ticket.  82%  think that Hillary will clinch the presidency and that this will improve the US relations with Kenya.

The United States of America citizens will today, 8th November, be electing their next President.  The interest in the US elections by non- Americans has been high with reported cases of interference by Russia through cyber-attacks and FBI involvement.

In Kenya, the feeling on the ground is that interest in this election has not been as high as the last one in which President Barack Obama, born of a Kenyan father was running.

A good number of Kenyans have been following the US election campaign with many rooting for Hillary Clinton according to a GeoPoll Flash Survey conducted recently.

US Elections interest.gif

On Monday 7th Nov, Kenyans took to twitter to give their thoughts on the elections using the hashtags #AmericaDecides and #USADecides which quickly became top trending topics in the country on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Many Kenyans have been using twitter to share their thoughts and preference in the candidate they hope will win. Others chose to bring in a bit of humor to  the elections via the social media platform with many rooting for Trump so that he can deport the many Kenyans living in the US, who – as they put it, “ have refused to come back home despite being active online”


Kenyan mainstream Media, keen on tapping on this interest, have been providing news updates on the race with some stations going as far as giving insights into how exactly the US Electoral college works


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A likely Female president

86% of Kenyans said they have been keen on the ongoing campaign between Republican hopeful Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who is running on a Democratic ticket. 82% of Kenyans think that Hillary will clinch the presidency.

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If Hillary becomes the next US president, as many Kenyans are hoping, she will be setting a trend of “Women taking over the world” as one tweeter put it.


The subject of how US is poised to have its first ever female president is one that a lot of Kenyans – male and female are excited about.

US Kenya Relations

When we asked what it would mean for the Kenya US relations if either candidate wins, a majority of Kenyans (59%) think that our relations will be strained should Trump become the US President.  24% do not think his win will affect our relations and 10% think a Trump win will actually improve our relations with the US

US Elections -relations trump.gif

44% said Kenya’s relations with the US will improve should Hillary become the next US president. 36% did not think the outcome of a Hillary win will affect our existing relations and 15% think our relations will be strained as a result.

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Kenyans on twitter shared their concerns regarding Trump’s comments on immigrants. Many speculate that a lot of Kenyans and Africans living in the US will be deported if Trumps becomes the next US president.


US Elections & Kenya Elections in 2017

 As US citizens cast their votes, 97% of Kenyans will be closely following the election results either from the internet or their local TV channels.

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Some Kenyans online chose to make fun of those who have taken more interest in the US elections than the Kenyan elections. Kenya is headed to national elections in the year 2017.


This Flash Survey was conducted amongst 170 respondents across Kenya using GeoPoll’s real-time survey platform.