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 In Food Security, GeoPoll Methodology, International Development Projects, Use Cases

 In Malawi, GeoPoll recently partnered with the World Food Programme’s mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (mVAM) team to conduct a series of SMS surveys on women’s diet quality using the Minimum Dietary Diversity – Women (MDD-W) indicator. This exciting study marks the first time that MDD-W has been successfully adapted to SMS and monitored through the mobile phone.

MDD-W is an important indicator used to determine whether women between the ages of 15-49 are consuming adequate levels of micronutrients. From October 2016 – April 2017, GeoPoll conducted five rounds of SMS surveys on MDD-W. To read more about the collaboration between GeoPoll and mVAM in Malawi, be sure to check out mVAM’s latest blog post: “Trial and Error: How we found a way to monitor nutrition through SMS in Malawi.”

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