geopoll app vs sms

“Please send me more surveys on SMS.”

“I am getting more surveys on SMS than the App.”

“I used to receive more surveys on SMS than I am now.”

A common question we receive from our community members is if there are channels we prefer for surveys over others – such as SMS vs the GeoPoll Application. In this post, we will debunk this.

The simple answer is the survey method is dependent on the research project itself. GeoPoll and our clients will choose the method that is most suitable for the survey itself, the target audience, and other factors.

Let’s dive in some more, shall we?

GeoPoll runs surveys through several channels, including SMS, mobile web, app, voice calls, and messaging apps, among others. Choosing one or more of these for a survey or series of surveys is a well-thought-through process. Choosing who will receive each survey is a combination of targeting and random selection: In addition to basing survey selection on certain criteria such as your age, gender, and location, even those who meet the criteria for a survey will not necessarily be chosen. In order to maintain the integrity of our research, we must distribute surveys randomly to our userbase.

GeoPoll does not necessarily select users to be specifically receiving SMS surveys and others to receive, say, App surveys. But by making yourself a GeoPoll user on multiple channels – say SMS and the GeoPoll App, you are more likely to get selected for a survey.

For example, a survey that has images will not work on SMS. So, we will send it randomly to people who have the App, or through a mobile web link. In the same way, certain surveys can be comfortably taken on SMS, Mobile Web, AND the App – in which case we will choose one, or all methods as necessary.

So, which one is better?

Each method has its advantages. SMS and mobile web give you an immediate payment while the App lets you build your credit, which you can then redeem for a higher payout. You don’t need an Internet connection to take SMS surveys, while the App gives you access to more survey types, and often has more surveys available for you to take.

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Our advice:

Download the GeoPoll App and register your profile. You will have access to most survey types and other tasks that cannot be done on SMS… along with other fun and paid activities. Also, when you register your profile on the App, you are eligible to get included in all the other channels, including SMS. You win-win-win!

Get the GeoPoll App now.


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