On Wednesday 7th December, the day Ghanaians went  into Presidential elections, Adom TV and Peace FM commanded the highest audiences with over 1.2M respondents saying they had watched the Adom TV station at 20:30 hrs and 910,000 respondents saying they had listened ot Peace FM at 6-8am Ghanaian time.

In a hotly contested election that has seen the incumbent president, John Mahama fight it out with the NPP party candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo, the Media consumption in Ghana shows clear ratings jump on TV and radio in concurrence with the Ghanaian elections.

Earlier today (Friday 9th), according to AlJazeera, the opposition leader said that he was ‘quietly confident’ that he had beaten President John Mahama.  Ghananians have turned to all sources of news and information to know their next president with TV and Radio experiencing a spike in audiences. The hashtag #GhanaDecides has been trending for 3 days now.

Most watched Ghanian TV station & Radio Station during Election Week

From the graphy below, UTV had the highest viewership during the election week (2nd – 8th December 2016). The higest peak point was 20:00hrs when the station had 1.2M viewers.

Ghana TV Ratiings Election week.gif

Peace FM has been the most listened to station achieving its highest peak on Thursday 8th December with over 900,000 respondents saying they had listened to the radio station.

Ghana TV Ratiings Election week.gif

Leading Media stations on Election Day

On Election day, Adom TV had the highest viewership peaking at 1.2M viewers at 20:30.

Gahan TV Ratiings Election day.gif

Peace FM had the highest listenership peaking at 870,000 viewers from 6-8am. Adom FM and Peace FM shared the 2nd highest peak with 833,000 viewers between 20:00 – 22:00hrs

Gahan Radio Ratiings Election day.gif

The election result tallying is now in its 2nd day and the elections results were yet to be announced at the time of publishing this article.

This Ghana Media report and audience rating during the elections is part of the GeoPoll Media measurement service.

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