Zambia Study: China’s Influence in Zambia, Food Security, and More

Zambia, which is located in between Southern and Central Africa and is bordered by 8 countries, is a nation of rich natural resources including copper, and yet has struggled throughout its [...]

How to Register for GeoPoll Surveys

Over the years, the GeoPoll community has grown phenomenally to over 5 million active users across the world – yep, 5 million people that take surveys and complete other tasks from GeoPoll! [...]

Africa Cup of Nations 2019 Insights: Free Data Report

GeoPoll is pleased to announce the release of our newest data report on the Africa Cup of Nations 2019. The free, 20-page report provides data on the intended viewership of the football cup by [...]

GeoPoll Study: Foreign Influencers and Fake News in Russia

As the Great Power Competition becomes a key focus of the US government, interest in Russia’s influence on the West is at an all time high. Election interference and fake news have become [...]

Society For International Development Conference in Washington, D.C: A Recapitulation

This past week, you may have seen GeoPoll at the Ronald Reagan Center for International Development during the SID-Washington 2019 annual conference. We want to extend a thank you to all of those [...]

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