Climate Change in Indonesia, A GeoPoll Study

There are 14,752 individual islands in Indonesia, and wrapped around each of the islands is thousands of miles of coastline – 33,999 miles  to be exact. Despite this, the ocean that [...]

Africans Tune in as France Wins The 2018 World Cup

TV Ratings Skyrocket as France take the World Cup Trophy The World Cup finals in Russia had the highest viewership in Sub-Saharan Africa of all matches, GeoPoll data shows. An average of 36% of [...]

World Cup 2018 TV Ratings Weaken in Semifinals as Dominant Teams Stumble Out

As the month-long football fever comes to an end on Sunday 15th July with France facing Croatia, TV ratings for the World Cup in sub-Saharan Africa have continued to decline. The semifinals took [...]

Best Practices in SMS Messaging for Crisis Management

January of 2010 a massive earthquake devastated the lives of people in the Caribbean. The earthquake’s center was just outside the Hattian capitol, Port Au Prince. With an initial shock value of [...]

World Cup 2018: Over 30% of TV viewers in Sub-Saharan Africa watch as England secure Semi-Final spot

And then they were four. France vs Belgium tonight 10th July and England vs Croatia tomorrow are the two semifinals that will see the four teams fight it out for a place at the finals on Sunday [...]

Viewership of World Cup 2018 drops by 2% during Knockout Stage

This year’s World Cup has had the most shocking group and knockout moments according to Time magazine. The Group and the Knockout Stages held enough surprises to the millions of viewers who have [...]

Food Insecurity in South Sudan, A GeoPoll Study

South Sudan is the newest widely recognized country in the world, and is also one of the world’s poorest countries, with over 80% of the population living on under $1 a day. According to the [...]

World Cup 2018: TV viewership of Group Stage across Sub-Saharan Africa

28th June marked the last day of the Group matches. Tunisia and Senegal, the last African teams to play in the group stage, lost to Panama and Colombia respectively.  According to BBC, Senegal [...]

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