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Out of Home Measurement & Monitoring

Measure ROI and Monitor Quality of Out of Home Advertisements

Out of Home advertisements including billboards and transportation ads are regularly used around the world, but measuring their reach and effectiveness is difficult, especially in emerging markets.

GeoPoll’s Out of Home solutions can measure the ROI of specific outdoor advertisements, identify the audiences they reach, and monitor the quality of billboards during your campaign. By utilizing GeoPoll’s mobile data collection platform and panel of respondents, you can gather real-time insights from those who have travelled down roads with Out of Home advertisements, collect pictures of advertisements, and much more.

out of home

Out of Home Metrics


    Identify demographics of those who have been in areas with your Out of Home advertisement.


    Using pre- and post-flight surveys, GeoPoll can measure changes in brand or product awareness due to OOH ads.


    GeoPoll's mobile application can send users to take pictures of your billboard during the campaign to verify ad placement and billboard quality


    Collect custom data on Out of Home advertisements in near-real time, allowing for immediate decision making

Platform Capabilities

Multi-modal platform

Surveys sent by multiple text and voice methods including SMS, IVR, CATI, mobile web and mobile application.

Real-time data collection

The speed of GeoPoll’s mobile methodology means you see changes to brand health in real-time.

Free and incentivized surveys

GeoPoll surveys are free for the end-user, and incentives are deposited immediately via airtime credit or mobile money.

Audience targeting

GeoPoll’s database of respondents can be targeted by demographics and custom screening questions.

Out of Home Availability

GeoPoll’s Out of Home measurement and monitoring solutions are available in all active GeoPoll countries. GeoPoll has an active panel of over 4.7 million respondents and access to more than 240 million individuals through mobile network operator partnerships around the world.

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