Out of Home Research

Monitor the performance of billboards, transportation ads, and other OOH media

Measure ROI and Monitor Quality of Out of Home Advertisements

Out of Home advertisements including billboards and transportation ads are regularly used around the world, but measuring their reach and effectiveness is difficult, especially in emerging markets.

GeoPoll’s Out of Home solutions can measure the ROI of specific outdoor advertisements, identify the audiences they reach, and monitor the quality of billboards during your campaign. By utilizing GeoPoll’s mobile data collection platform and panel of respondents, you can gather real-time insights from those who have traveled down roads with Out of Home advertisements, collect pictures of advertisements, and much more.

Out Of Home Metrics

Audience Demographics

Identify demographics of those who have been in areas with your Out of Home advertisement.

Return on Investment

Using pre- and post-flight surveys, GeoPoll can measure changes in brand or product awareness due to OOH ads.

Billboard Monitoring

GeoPoll's mobile application can send users to take pictures of your billboard during the campaign to verify ad placement and billboard quality

Key Performance Insights

Collect custom data on Out of Home advertisements in near-real time, allowing for immediate decision making

GeoPoll Advantages

How GeoPoll’s mobile-based methodologies can help you gather vital data across the globe.

Extensive Call Center Network

GeoPoll manages thousands of interviewers in call centers in over 60 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Existing Database of Respondents

GeoPoll can target our respondents by demographics, use Random Digit Dialing, or client-provided sample.

Multi-Modal Data Collection

Seamlessly conduct research via CATI voice calls, 2-way SMS messages, web links, and other mobile-based modes.

Full Service Research Team

Our experienced team manages everything from questionnaire design to interviewer training and data analysis.

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