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Net Promoter Score

Identify and Target Brand Promoters and Detractors

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most important metrics of brand health, and identifying those who would or would not recommend your brand is critical in today’s competitive landscape.

Using GeoPoll’s real-time mobile surveying platform and panel of respondents throughout emerging markets, you can easily track your NPS on a regular basis and perform in-depth analyses of your promoter and detractor groups by demographic. Collect data daily, weekly, or monthly to quickly identify changes and take action to maintain a high Net Promoter Score.

net promoter score

Net Promoter Score Data Collection Process


    Identify the customer touchpoints and Key Performance Indicators you'd like to track over time


    You can target customers through your own customer database or by finding your customers within GeoPoll's large respondent panel


    GeoPoll will send regular surveys via text (SMS), mobile web, mobile application, or other modes to track your NPS


    Data is visualized in a custom dashboard so that you can track changes over time and filter by demographic

Platform Capabilities

Multi-modal platform

Surveys sent by multiple text and voice methods including SMS, IVR, CATI, mobile web and mobile application.

Real-time data collection

The speed of GeoPoll’s mobile methodology means you see changes to brand health in real-time.

Free and incentivized surveys

GeoPoll surveys are free for the end-user, and incentives are deposited immediately via airtime credit or mobile money.

Audience targeting

GeoPoll’s database of respondents can be targeted by demographics and custom screening questions.

Net Promoter Score Tracking Availability

GeoPoll’s Net Promoter Score services are available in all active GeoPoll countries. GeoPoll has an active panel of over 4.7 million respondents and access to more than 240 million individuals through mobile network operator partnerships around the world.

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