Informal Trade Research

Gather data from informal traders in Africa, Asia, and Latin America on products, buying habits, and more

Reach market traders throughout emerging markets

Informal trade accounts for 80% of FMCG retail spend in Africa, but gathering feedback from these traders is often difficult using traditional research methods. GeoPoll leverages the speed and ease of SMS-based surveys to allow brands to conduct weekly surveys with market traders to assess crucial retail metrics such as product availability and popularity and stock levels, and gather data on how to best promote new products.

Informal Trade Metrics

Product Data

Track the amount sold of a product or line of products from one brand

Market Trends

Gather market trend data on new product and customer product requests

Competitor Analysis

See accurate selling price data of specific SKUs and data on competitor prices

Sourcing Information

Find out what products traders have been unable to source from wholesalers

GeoPoll Advantages

How GeoPoll’s mobile-based methodologies can help you gather vital data across the globe.

Extensive Call Center Network

GeoPoll manages thousands of interviewers in call centers in over 60 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Existing Database of Respondents

GeoPoll can target our respondents by demographics, use Random Digit Dialing, or client-provided sample.

Multi-Modal Data Collection

Seamlessly conduct research via CATI voice calls, 2-way SMS messages, web links, and other mobile-based modes.

Full Service Research Team

Our experienced team manages everything from questionnaire design to interviewer training and data analysis.

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