As part of Kantar-GeoPoll Media Measurement‘s daily surveys on audience habits for TV, radio, and print, GeoPoll is pleased to release this report on top TV and radio stations in Mozambique for Q1, 2016. To learn more about KGMM, see a demo of the system, and sign up for an account please contact us.

Top TV Stations

In Q1, from January – March of 2016, KGMM data finds that the Brazilian-owned TV station Miramar leads in ratings, with an average rating of 8.7 over the quarter. This is followed by Stv with an average rating of 6.5, and stations TVM1 and TVM2 with ratings of 4.0 and 1.9 respectively. Other channels that have a national ranking are CTV, Gungu, TIM, Top TV, and RTP Internacional. The full list of top TV stations and average ratings is below:


The top two stations, Miramar and Stv, combined represent over 50% of the audience share, with Miarmar seeing an average share of 33% of those viewing TV, and Stv having an average audience share of 24%. The third leading station, TVM1, has an average of 15% audience share.

Top Radio Stations

As with other countries, due to the large number of radio stations present in Mozambique it is difficult to determine the top stations nation-wide. When we look at audience share, we see that 47% of those listening to the radio at a given time are tuned in to a station that does not get over 3% of the national audience. Of those that do rank nationally, again Miramar radio leads with an average of 11% of audience share, followed by RM Antena Nacional with 9% of share, 99FM with 6% of share, and Indico with 5% of audience share.  Below is a chart of the top radio stations by share in Mozambique:


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