GeoPoll and Exchange.Design are excited to announce a partnership that will revolutionize data-aligned decision-making in international development programs. This strategic partnership leverages the strengths of both GeoPoll and Exchange.Design to address the complex challenges development initiatives face in effectively allocating resources and measuring long-term project impact.

At the core of this collaboration lies the firm belief that better data leads to better decisions. Leveraging Exchange.Design’s leadership in data-driven digital transformation and  GeoPoll’s expertise in collecting and analyzing data from hard-to-reach populations in developing countries and emerging markets, this partnership aims to enhance the identification and fulfillment of community needs.

Exchange Design

Subnational Data Analysis

An area where this partnership is primed to make significant impact is subnational data analysis. Traditional site selection methods often lack comprehensive data, leading to program designs that may not fully address the intended goals. By combining GeoPoll’s data collection capabilities with Exchange.Design’s expertise, a more holistic understanding of local demographics, perspectives, health indicators, and economic trends is achieved. This empowers organizations to identify approaches and target populations with the greatest potential for impact.

The use of innovative data collection techniques like computer-assisted telephonic interviews (CATI), WhatsApp, computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI),  2-way SMS, and online surveys have allowed us to collect more accurate and timely data while ensuring quality control in a near-real-time. With real-time dashboard access to this data, we can help our clients make faster, more informed decisions about program design and implementation.

Data-Aligned Decision-Making

The partnership’s impact extends beyond subnational site selection. GeoPoll and Exchange.Design facilitate the collection of data on a wide range of indicators, such as health outcomes, education levels, public perception, and economic trends. This comprehensive data enables the design of tailored programs that meet the specific needs of the communities being served. With a focus on inclusivity, the partnership ensures that high and low-tech approaches are used to reach the broadest population, regardless of their access to mobile phones or the internet.

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GeoPoll and Exchange.Design’s collaboration marks a significant milestone in driving data-aligned decision-making in international development programs. By combining GeoPoll’s expertise in data collection and analysis with Exchange.Design’s design collaboration platform, the partnership offers a comprehensive solution to identify opportunities with the highest potential for impact. This results in custom-designed programs that address community needs and drive sustainable change.