The combination of conflict, severe drought, and COVID-19 has pushed Afghanistan to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. According to international aid organizations, including the United Nations and World Food Programme (WFP), millions in the country risk famine and their basic necessities going unmet without swift deployment of humanitarian relief. At this stage, however, it has been difficult for agencies to reach people in need, including an estimated 600,000 internally displaced Afghans.

GeoPoll IVR Survey in Afghanistan

To gather information about the current situation on-the-ground in Afghanistan, GeoPoll is conducting a survey in October 2021 through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR surveys are able to reach anyone with a mobile phone, even illiterate populations and those without internet access. The voice call surveys are being conducted in local languages (Dari and Pashto). All respondents opt in to the study and are given information regarding the confidentiality of their responses.

While power and communications outages have been ongoing in some areas, GeoPoll is reaching a representative mix of urban and rural respondents aged 18+. The survey includes a number of crucial and nationally important topics, including:

  • Employment and income changes
  • Access to essential services (electricity, fuel, water)
  • Access to medical care and education
  • Food supply and spending
  • Humanitarian aid availability and need
  • Displacement and migration

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Collecting Data For International Development and Relief

GeoPoll continues to collect data as the situation unfolds in Afghanistan and will publish a report of the research findings upon completion of the study.

Accurate and timely data collection is an essential part of mitigating crises in emerging markets with vulnerable populations. The data collected can help international and humanitarian organizations understand the repercussions of political and environmental changes in the region and mitigate the impact on the people of Afghanistan.

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GeoPoll has extensive experience conducting research in vulnerable areas through remote mobile-based methodologies. In times when it is otherwise impossible to get information from people on-the-ground, remote data collection can play a pivotal role in capturing the sentiment and realities in hard-to-reach areas.
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