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Case Study: GES and US State Department

African Entrepreneurship Survey 2015


In collaboration with GES and the US State Department, mobile surveying company GeoPoll asked 1,000 entrepreneurs across Africa about entrepreneurship in their countries. GeoPoll has a database of 200 million users throughout Africa and Asia. Using this database, 200 entrepreneurs per country in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa were reached. Surveys were sent via SMS the week of July 13th.

Key Points:

  • While Lack Of Funding Was Cited As The Primary Barrier For Entrepreneurs In Africa, Results Show A Strong Desire For Additional Training Courses And Education.
  • For Youth And Women Entrepreneurs, Funding Needs Were Followed Closely By A Need For More Government Support.
  • When Asked What Tools Were Most Useful In Supporting Businesses, Financial Literacy Courses And Business Courses Were The Most Cited Answers.

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