Market Research in South Africa

Conduct voice call interviews (CATI), in-person surveys, and SMS survey research in South Africa

GeoPoll Research Services in South Africa

GeoPoll has a robust database of survey respondents in South Africa and regularly conducts research for international development groups, media houses, and consumer brands throughout the country. Our Johannesburg, South Africa office includes members of our customer service and business development teams.

GeoPoll has direct connections to mobile network operators in South Africa which allows us to send surveys that are free to respondents and immediately deposit incentive upon survey completion. We run surveys in South Africa via SMS, voice calls (CATI or IVR), in-person (CAPI), mobile web, mobile application, and mobile-based focus groups.

Available Research Modes in South Africa

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

Conduct CATI voice calls from GeoPoll's call centers in South Africa. Trained interviewers can conduct interviews in multiple languages.

SMS (Text Message)

SMS or text message surveys in South Africa allow you to reach GeoPoll's respondents on their own mobile devices, with no cost to the respondent.

Online Surveys

Conduct online surveys through mobile web-based links or GeoPoll's mobile application.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response surveys in South Africa are voice surveys administered through pre-recorded messages.

Focus Groups

GeoPoll can administer either mobile-based or in-person focus groups in South Africa with experienced moderators to gather qualitative data.

Conduct Research in South Africa