GeoPoll COVID-19 Response

As the world deals with the continued impact of coronavirus, we understand that market research may not be a priority for all businesses. At GeoPoll, we have taken several steps to protect our employees during this time, which we have outlined below. We recognize that we have an ability to help the global response through our remote data collection capabilities, will be releasing free reports on coronavirus. Our initial report includes data from populations in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria and is available here: Coronavirus Report.

As researchers we must do all we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus while ensuring that aid and relief organizations are able to gather the necessary feedback from vulnerable and/or isolated populations. We welcome further suggestions on our response as we navigate this difficult time together.

Actions GeoPoll is Taking: 

  • GeoPoll is taking the necessary precautions to ensure our employees stay safe during this time, including enforcing work from home policies in several offices, offering all employees the ability to work from home as needed, ensuring we support employees if they do get sick, and reviewing health and hygiene practices as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • As a global organization, we have the technology platform and procedures in place to allow teams to work from home while continuing the same level of service and operability that we have always provided.
  • We are working with our partners and call center staff around the globe to develop plans that allow certain call centers to continue to operate remotely, and will continually monitor the outbreak in the countries where call centers are operational.
  • We are discouraging clients from in-person data collection and continuing to offer our remote methodologies such as SMS, online, and voice call research as alternatives.

More Information 

To request more information on GeoPoll’s response, please contact us here.

Additional Resources

World Health Organization:

GeoPoll Report: Coronavirus in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria

GeoPoll Blog: Best Practices for SMS Messaging in Crises

Suggest Topics for Research 

GeoPoll welcomes suggestions for the studies we will be running on coronavirus. To be updated when we release new data or to suggest topics, questions, and countries we should consider for research, please fill out the below form or contact us at [email protected].