The Future of Online Streaming & On Demand Video in Africa, Our Chat With Kwese Iflix CEO

The 2018 World Cup highlighted the changes in live sports viewership across the world, and especially in Africa, where there has been significant growth in the use of streaming services to watch [...]

Africans Tune in as France Wins The 2018 World Cup

TV Ratings Skyrocket as France take the World Cup Trophy The World Cup finals in Russia had the highest viewership in Sub-Saharan Africa of all matches, GeoPoll data shows. An average of 36% of [...]

World Cup 2018 TV Ratings Weaken in Semifinals as Dominant Teams Stumble Out

As the month-long football fever comes to an end on Sunday 15th July with France facing Croatia, TV ratings for the World Cup in sub-Saharan Africa have continued to decline. The semifinals took [...]

World Cup 2018: Over 30% of TV viewers in Sub-Saharan Africa watch as England secure Semi-Final spot

And then they were four. France vs Belgium tonight 10th July and England vs Croatia tomorrow are the two semifinals that will see the four teams fight it out for a place at the finals on Sunday [...]

GeoPoll Partners with Marketing Society of Kenya to Launch 2018 World Cup Insights Report

On Thursday 17th May 2018, GeoPoll and the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) jointly launched GeoPoll’s latest 2018 World Cup insights report to over 80 marketers, media owners and sports [...]

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