Welcome to the year 2020!

Let’s talk about New Year Resolutions, shall we? That list of goals and decisions we list down at the beginning of the year. Things we either want to do and achieve in the year and habits that we don’t want to carry along in the new year.

We ran a fun rapid survey via the GeoPoll App in four countries in Africa: Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Ghana on new year resolutions, and in this post, we will go through the findings.

First things first, we asked the respondents if they had new year resolutions in 2019.

new year resolutions 2019

It turns out, most people actually had new year resolutions set up! Only  24% said they did not have new year resolutions in 2019.

So, how did they do with their resolutions? 27% were confident that they achieved their resolutions for last year, while close to 53% achieved a couple of them. 8% feel they did not meet any of their resolutions.

New Year Resolutions for 2020

This year looks almost like last year in terms of the people that said they planned to set resolutions for the new year (78%). 14% said they will absolutely not set up new year resolutions while 8% were still unsure whether to write down resolutions or not.

2020 new year resolutions

Do you have New Year Resolutions this year? In any case, all of us at GeoPoll wish you a fantastic 2020… and the whole decade! 🙂