Mobile Penetration in South Africa

In the twenty-six years since the first mobile phones were available in South Africa in 1994, mobile connectivity has grown rapidly in the country, resulting in high mobile penetration rates in [...]

What are Research Panels?

As with any form of research, there are considerations to be aware of when deciding upon the methodology best fit for accomplishing research goals. Research panels can be a powerful tool when [...]

Drivers of FMCG Purchase Decisions in Kenya Before and During COVID-19

If you are a working business professional these days, you likely haven’t been able to surf the web without seeing at least one ad or article mentioning something like, “learn how to adapt to a [...]

GeoPoll’s John Paul Murunga on the Evolution of the Market Research Industry

John Paul Murunga is GeoPoll’s Regional Director for East Africa, and oversees our business development efforts in East Africa. Below is an abbreviated version of a conversation he had with [...]

The Precarious Position of Microfinance During COVID-19

Microfinance is a sector of financial services that focuses on individuals that are otherwise unable to access credit through the banking system in their area by providing them with loans in [...]

Mobile Technologies Aiding in the Fight Against COVID-19 in Emerging Markets

On this blog, we frequently discuss the many ways that access to mobile technology has transformed lives for people living in emerging markets. From mobile money to apps specifically for farmers, [...]

mHealth Perspectives from an Expert: Amanda Berman Interview Highlights

Amanda Berman joined GeoPoll’s team in July of 2020 with a wealth of knowledge on mHealth, global health research, and program management. We decided to interview her about her experience in [...]

WASH Innovations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the world as we knew it only five years into the UN’s fifteen-year-long Sustainable Development Goals campaign, which aims to accomplish a set of seventeen [...]

Electrification as a Tactic for Economic Recovery from Coronavirus in Sub-Saharan Africa

The economic growth of sub-Saharan Africa has been meticulously observed and analyzed on a global stage for decades. Over the years, economists and development experts have discussed the various [...]

Financial Inclusion in the wake of COVID-19

Lack of access to financial tools—like credit and savings accounts—inhibit socio-economic mobility for individuals living in poverty across the globe. For approximately the past 40 years, there [...]

GeoPoll Data Outputs and Analysis Options

GeoPoll conducts research for a wide variety of organizations, and with this diverse range comes varying client needs. For this reason, GeoPoll offers multiple, flexible options for data outputs [...]

Coronavirus in Uganda: Impact on Media Consumption

In a state address on 18th March 2020, President Yoweri Museveni outlined guidelines on managing coronavirus in Uganda. Amongst the raft of measures outlined was the closure of shopping malls and [...]

Financial Impact of Coronavirus in Sub-Saharan Africa

The coronavirus global health pandemic is catalyzing stark changes throughout the world. Even areas where the total number of cases or deaths from the pathogen are relatively low are experiencing [...]

Informal vs. Formal Economy for FMCG Purchases in Kenya

As the multinational business community has begun peering in on African markets as a “final frontier” for expansion, an increasing amount of attention has focused on the economy in Kenya. [...]

FMCG Purchases: Consumer Behavior in Kenya

In the past ten years, Africa as a continent has garnered attention from global economists and business analysts. Many have even dubbed Africa as the final frontier for expanding global [...]

Uganda Television and Radio Ratings Report: Q4 2019

GeoPoll is pleased to release select television and radio viewership data from Uganda from October through December of 2019. This report represents a small portion of the data collected daily by [...]

GeoPoll Audience Measurement: 4-Hour Recall and Time Block Increments

GeoPoll Audience Measurement utilizes a continuous panel, running multiple times per day, 365 days a year, to gather data on media consumption for broadcasters, brands, media houses, and more. [...]

Qualitative Research in Africa: Situational Applications for Remote Studies

Mobile phones have revolutionized how researchers can connect with people by enabling information to be gathered remotely. While mobile phones are often utilized to facilitate quantitative [...]

Global Mobile Penetration Growth

At the end of 2018, 5.1 billion people across the world owned a mobile device subscription, and it is estimated that by 2025 this number will grow to 5.8 billion. A 4% growth rate may not seem [...]

9 Steps for Conducting Survey Research in Africa

Africa’s 1.3 billion people have more disposable income than ever before. In fact, it has been estimated that household consumption in Africa will reach $2.5 trillion by 2030, yet the market [...]

Reaching Different Socioeconomic Classes through Mobile Based Research in Emerging Markets

As a leader in data collection in emerging markets, GeoPoll has extensive experience performing primary research through the mobile phone in over 50 countries. Throughout our time conducting [...]

E-commerce in Africa: Youth Online Shopping Behavior Across Six African Countries

E-commerce is a relatively new way for people to shop in Africa and each country has its own unique rate of adoption of online shopping platforms. In contrast to brick and mortar stores, online [...]

Holiday Television Viewership Trends in Ghana: A 2019 GeoPoll Audience Measurement Report

The variation from the typical day-to-day routine that many people experience during the holiday season can impact television viewership behavior. Media buyers need to anticipate such behavior [...]

Data Report: Black Friday Shopping in South Africa 2019

Black Friday originated as an American shopping holiday, held the day after Thanksgiving to indicate the start of the holiday shopping season, which has recently grown in popularity outside the [...]

Financial Exclusion vs. Financial Inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

  In every country, there are people who are denied the right to pursue a life of their choosing because they are excluded from the formal financial sector. The inequality created by this [...]

Mobile Phone Apps for Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Agricultural mobile phone applications have the potential to ignite a revolution in farming that will lower prices for consumers, as well as educate, motivate, and support farmers to increase [...]

Report Release: The State of Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

GeoPoll is pleased to announce the release of a new report from our most recent study on financial services in sub-Saharan Africa. The 26-page report provides data on how youth in six African [...]

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Web Surveys

Mobile web is a survey mode in which respondents engage with a questionnaire online through a mobile phone that has Internet connectivity, like a feature phone or a smartphone. Mobile web surveys [...]

Challenges Facing Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

Financial inclusion is a term used to describe a population’s reasonable access to affordable financial services. Financial services in this context include a range of services that are required [...]

Considerations for Conducting Survey Based Market Research in Africa

Conducting market research is a necessary step for expansion into any new market because it can bring key issues to the surface before large sums of money are in jeopardy. Expanding into African [...]

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