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How to contact GeoPoll User support

What do you do if you have a question or experience an issue that would like to report to GeoPoll? In this article, we outline the open channels and the best ways to send in different types of [...]

Influencer Marketing in Kenya and Nigeria

The rise of the internet age has revolutionized many spheres of business, including how marketing is done. While traditional marketing channels are still important to many businesses, it is [...]

Report: Online Influencers’ Influence in Kenya and Nigeria

Survey Evaluating Project “Nyumba ni Choo”

How to navigate the new GeoPoll App

We upgraded the GeoPoll App to a lighter, easier, and faster version that we hope you have updated to and are enjoying. We removed some features and left only the features you need, which are now [...]

GeoPoll Launches New Mobile Survey Application

GeoPoll is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved mobile application to broaden our remote surveying capabilities. The new mobile app is a revamp of the original GeoPoll Application [...]

A New Experience: Introducing the New GeoPoll App

GeoPoll is excited to announce that after several months of collecting feedback from the GeoPoll Community and multiple GeoPoll teams working tirelessly together, we have now released a new [...]


Collecting Data for Relief Remotely During Humanitarian Crises

In mid-March 2019, Cyclone Idai, one of the worst tropical cyclones ever in the southern hemisphere, hit parts of Southern Africa, with Mozambique bearing the brunt of the natural calamity. The [...]

How people are protecting themselves against coronavirus in Africa

GeoPoll is running a series of studies about the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the day to day livelihood. Most countries have now reported cases of COVID-19 and most people are aware of [...]

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Report: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana

Gender equality is one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The goal aims at ending all forms of discrimination, sexual violence and harmful practices against women and girls, as [...]

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Survey: Phone and Internet Usage in South Africa

Which phone do you use, and what’s your dream phone? Why do you prefer a certain phone or mobile provider? Which are your must-have phone apps? To answer these questions and more, we [...]

Mobile Applications and Data Costs in South Africa

South Africa is one of the biggest adopters of mobile technology in sub-Saharan Africa, with higher rates of smartphone adoption than in most other countries in the region. A study by Pew [...]

Smartphone Usage and Data Costs in South Africa

Valentine’s Day: Who’s Celebrating, Gifts, Dates & More

Valentine’s Day – the day of love is here! Traditionally, Valentine’s Day revolves around igniting the romance in relationships. In the run-up to this year’s [...]

GeoPoll App or SMS: Which is better?

“Please send me more surveys on SMS.” “I am getting more surveys on SMS than the App.” “I used to receive more surveys on SMS than I am now.” A common question we receive from our community [...]

New Year Resolutions: 2019 Reflections and Plans for 2020

Welcome to the year 2020! Let’s talk about New Year Resolutions, shall we? That list of goals and decisions we list down at the beginning of the year. Things we either want to do and [...]

Holiday Survey: Gifts, Travel and other Holiday Plans

The holidays are here! It is a time for most people to rest from an eventful year and re-energize for next year, as well as celebrate holidays that come with it. To understand the plans that [...]

Ineligible, Quota Reached and Other Survey Errors

You get a notification for a new survey. You open the survey and excitedly start answering questions. But then you come across an error. “Sorry, you are ineligible for this survey,” [...]

GeoPoll wins Best Mobile-Based Research Solutions Brand Award

GeoPoll was named the Best Mobile-Based Research Solutions Brand at the Digital Tech Excellence Awards held in Nairobi on Thursday, December 5, 2019. The Digital Tech Excellence Awards recognize [...]

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