Qualitative Research in Africa: Situational Applications for Remote Studies

Mobile phones have revolutionized how researchers can connect with people by enabling information to be gathered remotely. While mobile phones are often utilized to facilitate quantitative [...]

GeoPoll App or SMS: Which is better?

“Please send me more surveys on SMS.” “I am getting more surveys on SMS than the App.” “I used to receive more surveys on SMS than I am now.” A common question we receive from our community [...]

Global Mobile Penetration Growth

At the end of 2018, 5.1 billion people across the world owned a mobile device subscription, and it is estimated that by 2025 this number will grow to 5.8 billion. A 4% growth rate may not seem [...]

9 Steps for Conducting Survey Research in Africa

Africa’s 1.3 billion people have more disposable income than ever before. In fact, it has been estimated that household consumption in Africa will reach $2.5 trillion by 2030, yet the market [...]

Market Research in Africa

Africa has long been seen as the next frontier for brands, technology companies, and other businesses. The combination of a huge youth population, growing consumer class, and rapid adoption of [...]

How to Optimize Surveys for SMS

  SMS surveys are a useful method for conducting mobile research due to their ease, convenience, and wide reach – by administering surveys through SMS, people can answer questions without [...]

Reaching Different Socioeconomic Classes through Mobile Based Research in Emerging Markets

As a leader in data collection in emerging markets, GeoPoll has extensive experience performing primary research through the mobile phone in over 50 countries. Throughout our time conducting [...]

New Year Resolutions: 2019 Reflections and Plans for 2020

Welcome to the year 2020! Let’s talk about New Year Resolutions, shall we? That list of goals and decisions we list down at the beginning of the year. Things we either want to do and [...]

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