Real human data from Ethiopia to finetune your LLM models

Access rich, authentic demographic and survey data representing over 2,000,000 Ethiopians to enhance your AI with true human insights.

Why use synthetic data generation when you can use real-human data?

Envision training LLM models that understand and generate human language with cultural sensitivity and precision, enhancing natural language processing capabilities to interact seamlessly across Ethiopia and its many dialects? GeoPoll’s authentic and high-quality data ensures your AI is not only smarter but also more human, making it the ultimate tool for innovation and growth in a data-driven world.

Market-Specific Insights

Leverage real human data to create AI that can pinpoint consumer preferences and behaviors across Ethiopians, driving targeted marketing strategies and increasing ROI.

Improved User Experience

Develop more intuitive and responsive AI applications, from chatbots to virtual assistants, that resonate with users due to their deeper understanding of local contexts and languages.

Enhanced Understanding

Train your LLM models to grasp and generate human language with cultural sensitivity. Text and recordings in English, Afar, Amharic, Anuak, Arabic, Nuer, Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya, and dozens of local languages are available.

Seamless Integration

We help you effortlessly integrate GeoPoll's data into your LLM base for a smooth smooth and efficient data utilization while adhering to stringent user privacy standards.

Available Datasets

Utilize our vast collection of industry-spanning datasets to train AI models that are specifically tailored to your unique needs across diverse domains and use cases. Our datasets undergo a thorough curation process, quality checks, and processing to ensure that your AI model is optimally trained. We are constantly expanding our library with new, unique, and market-relevant data sources, and you have the option to bundle complementary datasets or create custom training datasets.

Unlock the full potential of your AI models with GeoPoll’s extensive collection of voice recordings, each paired with accurate human transcripts. Our data features languages and accents that are often underrepresented in mainstream datasets. This rich linguistic diversity is invaluable for fine-tuning LLM models, enabling them to understand and generate human language with greater cultural and contextual sensitivity. By incorporating these authentic voice recordings, your AI can achieve a deeper, more nuanced comprehension of global dialects and accents, enhancing its ability to interact naturally and effectively with users from all backgrounds. This ensures your AI applications are not only more inclusive but also more capable of delivering truly localized and personalized experiences.

FMCG purchases, tracked daily for close to 10 years in Kenya. The data contains survey responses on FMCG product categories purchased the previous day, where the purchase was made, the brands purchased, mode of payment, and more. It provides the most robust view of Kenyans’ FMCG consumption habits. 

In Kenya, GeoPoll has demographic profiles of more than 7 million individuals! The data includes aspects such as age, gender, age group, administrative region lived in, social economic class (SEC), occupation and more, which can help you create personas for various uses. 

GeoPoll has ran several studies to assess phone and internet usage in Kenya, including social media usage, apps usage, access to devices, networks connected to, internet usage broken by home, office and phone, and more. 

From our vast farmers panel in Kenya, we have insightful data from the otherwise underrepresented agricultural sector, including farm size and land ownership, crops farmed, key challenges faced by farmers in Kenya, including climate change, drought, and pests, and in-depth data on how mobile technology has changed farming in Kenya and changes to trends in farming.

GeoPoll has access to a lartge database of MSMEs in Kenya and other African countries. Apart from MSME profile data such as business sizes, age, industry and areas of operation, we conduct annual surveys – The Africa MSME Pulse – to assess the business environment, usage of technology 

Over three-quarters of Kenyans play computer games, with 92% of the gamers engaging with games on their mobile devices, and 78% playing games for at least one hour daily. We have data from a survey we conducted on gaming habits and preferences in Kenya, including prevalence, devices used, how gaming compares to social media usage, advertising preferences, game genres preferred, and a lot more. Imagine your product integrated into the daily routines of millions of Kenyans through mobile gaming.

Use Cases

Brands & Corporates

Market Research and Consumer Insights: Leverage our data to understand consumer behavior and preferences, enabling precise targeting and improved ROI.

Personalization and Localization Strategies: Fine-tune your AI to deliver personalized experiences and localized content that resonate deeply with diverse audiences.

Media and Agencies

Audience Analysis and Content Targeting: Utilize GeoPoll’s data to refine audience segmentation and deliver highly targeted content that drives engagement and loyalty.

Campaign Effectiveness Tracking: Measure and optimize the impact of your campaigns with real-time insights from authentic human data.

Tech and AI Companies

Improving NLP Applications: Develop more accurate and context-aware NLP applications, from chatbots to virtual assistants, by training on rich, real-world data.

Training Data for LLMs: Enhance your large language models with culturally nuanced and diverse data, improving their natural language understanding and generation capabilities.

Development and NGOs

Program Planning and Impact Assessment: Use GeoPoll’s data to design and evaluate programs with a deep understanding of local needs and contexts, for greater effectiveness and impact.

Social Research and Community Insights: Conduct in-depth social research to inform policy and interventions, backed by reliable and diverse data.


Research and Thesis Support: Access high-quality data to support academic research and theses, leading to robust and credible findings.

Data for Academic Publications: Utilize our data to enrich academic publications with empirical insights from real-world surveys.

Custom Data Requests

Request custom data sets tailored to your specific AI training and research needs in Kenya and anywhere in the world! Whether you require data from particular regions, languages, or demographics, GeoPoll can provide the precise information you need to fine-tune your models and achieve your objectives.

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