Valentine’s Day – the day of love is here! Traditionally, Valentine’s Day revolves around igniting the romance in relationships. In the run-up to this year’s Valentine’s Day, GeoPoll surveyed over 2,000 respondents in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa via the GeoPoll App to find out about their plans for Valentine’s. Read on for the results… who knows? They may give you ideas for the holiday!

Then Men’s Conference has been canceled. Most people are celebrating Valentine’s Day!

A running joke in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa every year is that while women celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14, men attend a fictional Men’s Conference in an undisclosed location. We sought out to establish the truth in that. It turns out, more male respondents (74.5%) who took the survey are celebrating this Valentine’s Day than females (73.3%)! Most of the respondents are celebrating (74% overall), with Ghana having the highest percentages of those who said “No”, consistent with both males and females.

celebrating valentine's day

Also worth noting is that even the singles are not being left behind this Valentine’s 🙂

celebrating valentine's day status

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day comes with buying a gift or doing something special for a significant other. As we have already established that most people are celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is no surprise that almost everyone celebrating is buying a gift. 85% of males plan to buy a gift, while 81% of females also plan to treat their loved ones to a gift. Close to 9% will not be buying gifts, and 7% will only buy a gift if prompted by their partners:

valentine's day gift

Gifts are so important that 55% of the respondents said they would be furious if their partners did not get them Valentine’s gifts.

Actually, gifts are so important that 55% of the respondents said they would be very angry if their partners did not get them Valentine's gifts.

Chocolates (19%), Jewellery (15%), and Flowers (12%) are the most popular gifts for Valentine’s. Only a few people (0.7%) who are celebrating Valentine’s do not plan to give a gift.

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valentine gifts

Would you like ideas for ideal Valentine’s gifts? Most people would love jewellery, chocolates, or a romantic dinner.

ideal valentine's day gift

Valentine’s Date

Speaking of romantic dinners, we asked respondents what they planned to do on Valentine’s. For most (54%), the plan is to go out for dinner, the movies, or clubbing. Close to 16% will be spending quality time indoors with their partners, while a sizeable number will join their friends and families for Valentine’s.

valentine's day plan

In case you wanted to plan a surprise, you may want to hold back. Most people, especially females(70%), said they prefer that both partners make Valentine’s Day plans together. Another 33% total want the guy to plan for the couple.

who should plan valentine's day

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day today (and every day)!


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