GeoPoll Gaming in Africa Report

In partnership with PAGG

The Gaming in Africa report, a collaboration between GeoPoll and the Pan Africa Gaming Group (PAGG), presents an unprecedented glimpse into the gaming sector across the continent. This report stems from a survey of over 2,000 gamers across Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa, delving deep into the interests and behaviors that define the African gaming community today.

Key Insights:

  • Diverse Gaming Preferences: Explore the wide array of genres and platforms preferred by African gamers, highlighting regional variances and universal favorites.
  • Engagement Patterns: Understand the frequency, duration, and motivations behind gaming sessions, providing a window into the daily lives of players.
  • Market Potential: Assess the growth potential within the African gaming industry, backed by data-driven insights into user expenditure, in-game purchases, and advertising receptiveness.
  • Localization – Dive into the importance of localizing gameplay and content for African players.

As the most extensive player-focused research endeavor to date within the African gaming industry, this report offers invaluable insights for developers, marketers, and strategists looking to navigate or expand their presence in this vibrant market.

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