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Make informed decisions with confidence, backed by robust research processes, people, and tech.


We understand when you say you need data promptly and are capable of delivering your insights within hours.

Local Presence

We bring a deep understanding of the local dynamics, providing meaningful data. Nairobi houses GeoPoll’s biggest office.

Full research powered by a unique platform and unmatched reach

GeoPoll’s platform seamlessly integrates multiple modes (face-to-face, phone calls, text messaging, WhatsApp and mobile web surveys), providing flexibility and enhancing quality. Our in-house team of software developers stands ready to modify the platform to customize the platform to your research requirements. We offer unmatched speed, made possible by this technology, time-tested processes, and partner network, putting data into our client’s fingertips for fast, effective decision-making.

We go above and beyond by providing transparent access to real-time results and raw data files through meaningful and accessible dashboards so that you can explore, analyze and validate findings and processes directly with full visibility and control.

Reach the right audience with precision. Our extensive database empowers us to micro-target your desired demographic, ensuring that your research reaches the individuals who matter most to your objectives. Maximize the impact of your research by connecting with the right people.

How we can help you

GeoPoll’s research capabilities are adaptable to a wide range of needs, from market and consumer research to international development data. In Eastern Africa, we support data collection in Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo with expanded reach throughout the continent. Nairobi is the global operation head office for GeoPoll, so you will be assured of the the best support.

Consumer Research

Understand consumer behavior, preferences, and trends to inform marketing strategies and product development.

Brand Research and Strategy

Measure brand equity, perception, and positioning to optimize brand strategies and improve market performance.

Media Measurement

Gain insights into media consumption habits, audience reach, and advertising effectiveness.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Assess the impact and effectiveness of programs and interventions, enabling evidence-based decision-making.

Health and Nutrition

Generate data-driven insights to guide health campaigns, inform policies, and improve public health outcomes.

Public Perception Surveys

Gauge public sentiment, opinions, and attitudes towards specific issues, enabling organizations to respond effectively.

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