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GeoPoll Solutions

GeoPoll offers one-off surveys, ongoing data collection, and pre-built data products for brands, media houses, international development and relief organizations and humanitarian aid groups throughout emerging markets.

Consumer/Market Research
Areas of Research
- Audience Measurement
- Brand health tracking
- Out of Home Research
- Net Promoter Score
- Customer Satisfaction
- Concept Testing
- Customer Satisfaction
- Informal Trade data
International Development Research
Areas of Research
- Humanitarian Aid
- Education and Employment
- Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
- Food, Agriculture, Health, and Nutrition
- Democracy and Governance
- Resilience & Combating violent extremism
- Financial Inclusion
- Climate and Environment

A Mobile Methodology

In emerging markets, where landlines are rare and Internet penetration is still low, mobile phones have been rapidly growing in penetration and are now a vital tool for communication. GeoPoll leverages the wide reach of mobile by conducting surveys remotely through respondents’ own mobile phones, meaning we can administer thousands of surveys a day quickly and cost-effectively.

SMS (Text Message)

Voice Calls

Mobile Web

Mobile App

Mobile Focus Groups


Respondents Around the World

GeoPoll has over 5 million profiled survey respondents and access to more than 250 million individuals through mobile network operator partnerships in 64 countries around the globe. In addition, GeoPoll can deploy surveys to almost any country through voice calls, the GeoPoll mobile application, and other modes.


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