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GeoPoll is pleased to release our latest report on Audience Measurement. This report presents data gathered through GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement platform on television and radio media consumption in Rwanda throughout Q2 of 2019.

Television Ratings Kigali

Breakfast Shows

Rwanda Audience Measurement Q2 2019

Rwanda TV’s Waramutse Rwanda was by far the most popular Breakfast Show aired during the second quarter. The program had almost 10,000 more average viewers than the runner up, Flash TV’s Good Morning Rwanda. It is possible that the earlier time slot of 7 AM – 8:30 AM was in Waramutse Rwanda’s favor. The programs in second, third, and fourth place for popularity are all 8 AM – 9 AM. Many people are readying themselves for work or traveling to work during the hour between 8 AM and 9 AM and are not able to tune into the programs on television. 8 AM – 9 AM may be a better time for morning drive radio programs rather than Breakfast Shows on television.

Dedicated Sports

It is not surprising to see that Dedicated Sports programming was able to draw in higher average audiences than the overwhelming majority of programs in either the Breakfast Show or Talk Show categories. Again, Rwanda TV surpassed Flash TV in average audience. It is surprising that Rwanda TV’s Amakuru Y’Imikino is so popular because the air-time of the program, 9 AM – 11 AM, is not typically ideal for the masses to tune in to catch up on sports news. Flash TV’s Sports News air time, 12:30-1 PM, seems more opportune for viewership yet the average audience is a few thousand viewers lower than Rwanda TV’s Amakuru Y’Imikino. It is important to consider that Sports News airs for only a half-hour, while Amakuru Y’Imikino airs for 2 hours, which allows for a much longer window for gathering an audience. Considering Sports News is only a 30-minute program with average viewership close to a program that is 2 hours long, Sports News must be a must-watch for many sports fans.

Rwanda Audience Measurement Q2 2019 sports tv

Talk Shows

Flash TV, the runner up to Rwanda TV in both Dedicated Sports and Breakfast Show programming, secured first place for Talk Shows due to ~850 more viewers as an average audience. One consideration that could be the reason Rwanda TV fell behind Flash TV is due to the time of day the programs air. Rwanda TV’s Menya Wirinde airs during the early afternoon while Flash TV’s Topical Discussion airs late night from 9 PM – 11 PM. Many people may not be able to tune in to Menya Wirinde due to work responsibilities during the day time while people typically are home relaxing at night and more available to watch Topical Discussion.

Despite Flash TV’s first place spot, the average audience for Rwanda TV’s Menya Wirinde is actually very impressive. When you compare Menya Wirinde to the other Talk Show at the same time of day in the top 5, TV 1’s Mzee Quiz, Menya Wirinde had 37,195 more viewers on average, which is more viewers on average than TV 10, TV 1, and BTN had.

Radio Ratings—Kigali


Radio Rwanda is the highest-rated radio station out of all three categories. Out of the number one rated time slots,7 AM-8:30 AM, 9 AM-11 AM, 2 PM-5 PM, the highest audience average is at 7 AM – 8:30 AM for Radio Rwanda’s The Morning Show. Flash FM comes in second for both Drive Shows and Dedicated Sports Shows but falls beneath Kiss FM’s The Breakfast Show in the Breakfast Show category. Overall, Radio Rwanda and Flash FM were dominated the categories studied.

Breakfast Shows

KT Radio and Radio One both made the top 10 highest rated list for Breakfast Shows. KT Radio had the number 4 spot with the program Burakeye and the number 6 spot with KT Parade, which air back to back with content 5 AM – 8 AM and 8 AM – 11 AM respectively. Radio One depicts a similar story with about two-thirds of the audience size of KT Radio’s programs. Radio One secured their place in the top 10 most-watched Breakfast Show programming by taking the 8 and 9 slots. Rirarashe and Morning Show had only a 4,000-viewer difference in average audience but Rirarashe proved to be the more popular program for the station. This may be the case because Rirarashe airs for 30 minutes longer than Morning Show and the time block is the earliest of the other top 10 stations.

Dedicated Sports

According to the ratings from this study, dedicated sports programming is more popular during the morning hours than in the mid-day or afternoon hours. Radio Rwanda and Flash FM air dedicated sports programming between 8:30 AM and 11 AM, grossing 257,000 average audience size between the two programs. KT Radio, Radio One, and Radio 10 air programming between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM and only gross 156,662 between the three programs, which is close to a full 100,000 less viewers than the programs in the morning hours on Radio Rwanda and Flash FM.

Rwanda Audience Measurement Q2 2019


Drive Shows

Radio Rwanda is a clear favorite as a broadcast station amongst listeners in Rwanda and their Drive Show programming is not an exception in terms of the station’s popularity. Amahumbezi Show gathered 31,000 more audience members on average than Flash TV’s The Evening Drive and 57,000 more audience members than Kiss FM’s The Drive Show. Additionally, the 57,000 more audience members Amahumbezi Show had on average than The Drive Show, could stand alone above City Radio’s Isanzure in audience rankings by about 11,000 viewers. It is clear from this study’s results that Radio Rwanda reigns supreme on radio and that Amahumbezi Show is the program to listen to Monday-Friday 2 PM – 5 PM.Rwanda Audience Measurement Q2 2019

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