What is Concept Testing Research?

Concept testing is a research method that involves evaluating ideas or concepts with a target audience before it becomes available to the public. It helps gauge the willingness of customers to [...]

Drivers of FMCG Purchase Decisions in Kenya Before and During COVID-19

If you are a working business professional these days, you likely haven’t been able to surf the web without seeing at least one ad or article mentioning something like, “learn how to adapt to a [...]

Brand Africa 2020: Ranking Africa’s Most Influential Brands

GeoPoll was pleased to once again partner with Brand Africa and Kantar on the launch of this year’s Brand Africa 100, an annual list of the top brands in Africa and in the key sectors of media [...]

Informal vs. Formal Economy for FMCG Purchases in Kenya

As the multinational business community has begun peering in on African markets as a “final frontier” for expansion, an increasing amount of attention has focused on the economy in Kenya. [...]

FMCG Purchases: Consumer Behavior in Kenya

In the past ten years, Africa as a continent has garnered attention from global economists and business analysts. Many have even dubbed Africa as the final frontier for expanding global [...]

Holiday Spending in Africa: How Consumers Plan to Shop in 2019

As many countries in sub-Saharan Africa struggle with slow economies, high rates of unemployment, and rising taxes, there are concerns around how these factors will affect the media and [...]

Measuring Key Performance Indicators for FMCGs

What are Key Performance Indicators? Key performance indicators or KPIs are essential for businesses of all sizes to quantify their progress against key goals. By measuring success against KPIs, [...]

How Survey Research Improves Customer Experience

Whether your business has hit a plateau or you’re actively seeking ways to improve, the best route to take is often unclear. You may make a change that your customers don’t like, taking the wrong [...]

HIV Self-Test Kits in Kenya: A GeoPoll Facilitated Study

This post was authored jointly by Tavian McKinnon, of GeoPoll and Kristen Little of PSI International.  In order to learn more about how the private sector could help increase the proportion of [...]

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market in Africa

The hyper-competitive world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) —goods that are easily produced, packaged, sold, and consumed (i.e., food, beverages, snacks, toiletries, etc.) — relies on narrow [...]

Collecting Consumer Insights through Surveys

Data should be the driving force behind your marketing efforts, and collecting customer insights will help you better understand your customers in order to improve product advertising and [...]

Jumia and African E-Commerce Show Promise for Burgeoning Consumer Market in Africa

Jumia, an e-commerce store in Africa, has been rapidly gaining clout in the business world, both in Africa and across the globe. The increase in attention is well deserved seeing as the start-up [...]

The Connected Nigerian Consumer: Nigeria Consumer Behaviour, Income, and eCommerce

Almost half of the Nigerian population have internet connectivity, supported by high mobile penetration, and as Africa’s largest economy Nigeria is one of the most prosperous consumer markets in [...]

The Value of Data for Brand Health Tracking

As marketing and research professionals, we are many things. We are innovative. We are resourceful. We are savvy. But above all else, we are goal oriented. Whether the company we work for is big [...]

The rise of Facebook groups could be a threat to Jumia’s e-commerce dominance in Africa, new poll finds

Informal transactions through Facebook groups are threatening the success of e-commerce giants in Africa according to a recent straw poll on the impact of the Black Friday sale promotion on this [...]

The Most Admired Brands in Botswana, All Kasi Ranks Number One in Indigenous Sports Clothing

Sports clothing brands All Kasi and Nike rank among the top most admired brands in Botswana.  All Kasi clinched the title of the nation’s most favorite brand, as sportswear dominates local [...]

Advertising in Africa: The Most Creative Advertisments as Voted by Youth Consumers

The Youth demographic in Sub-Saharan Africa encounter digital advertisements more frequently on a daily basis than any other form of advertisement; Coca – Cola advertisements are the most [...]

What does it take to dominate the oral health care market in Kenya?

Colgate has, for a long time, defined the toothpaste category in Kenya. The Colgate- Palmolive Company owned brand is a dominant player in the Kenyan oral care- toothpaste market and currently [...]

2016 Holiday Habits

As you were preparing for your December holidays, what traits did you exhibit that are synonymous with almost every household across Africa? Do you plan your trips around the LSM, the business [...]

Online Shoppers in Sub-Saharan Africa still don’t trust e-commerce sites despite adoption of Black Friday

A majority of  Sub-Saharan Africans do not trust online shopping sites, this is according to a recent GeoPoll  survey conducted in 5 African countries; Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and [...]

Black Friday yet to pick up in Kenya despite growth in e-commerce

Unlike other mostly western countries, where black Friday is characterized by long lines of people braving cold days and nights outside major shopping malls, in Kenya, black Friday is simply a [...]

The Top Fast Moving Brands in Kenya

Geisha, Ariel, Colgate and Guinness are among the top Fast Moving Commodity Goods (FMCG) brands in Kenya. In a recurring monthly mobile survey conducted by GeoPoll on household essentials from [...]

Spending Habits and Perceptions of the Economy in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

This week, the Corporate Council on Africa is hosting the biannual US-Africa Business Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This summit is bringing together global corporations, governments, and NGOs [...]

How to Improve Advertising Return on Investment (ROI)

GeoPoll’s Media Measurement Service provides unprecedented real-time data on TV and Radio ratings, audience share, and audience size in emerging markets. This data includes when and [...]

Mobile usage and popular brands in Africa

Last week was the Mobile World Congress, an annual conference that brings all of the big Mobile Network Operators, device makers, and technology companies together to reveal new products and [...]

The Importance of Brand Names in Emerging Markets

In the past we’ve discussed GeoPoll’s findings on topics such as mobile money, and food security, but by tapping the growing reach of the mobile phone in emerging markets, we can also learn about [...]

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