GeoPoll at PAMRO: How Mobile Research Helped Launch Satirical News in Nigeria

GeoPoll was pleased to attend the Pan African Media Research Organization (PAMRO) annual conference last week in Mauritius. GeoPoll sponsored the event, which spanned two days and allowed leaders [...]

Society For International Development Conference in Washington, D.C: A Recapitulation

This past week, you may have seen GeoPoll at the Ronald Reagan Center for International Development during the SID-Washington 2019 annual conference. We want to extend a thank you to all of those [...]

GeoPoll wins Best Overall Paper at AMRA Africa Forum 2019

We are proud to announce that GeoPoll won the coveted “Best Overall Paper” award at the African Market Research Forum in Lagos, Nigeria last week. The AMRA Africa Forum is a high-profile event [...]

IIEX Conference 2019

I was pleased to attend IIEX Europe this week in Amsterdam, where researchers from brands, technology providers, and market research agencies of all sizes convened to discuss the latest trends in [...]

Survey Design for Emerging Markets at SampleCon

GeoPoll was excited to attend SampleCon this week in Austin, Texas. Focused on the survey sampling industry, SampleCon brought together experts from both sample providers such as GeoPoll and [...]

Data Driven Decision Making Trainings for International Development

A key element of USAID Transforms, and similar initiatives, is the idea that the purpose of foreign aid is to end the need for its existence. This shift requires a strong emphasis on local [...]

GeoPoll’s FIFA World Cup Brand Communication Lessons at PAMRO 2018

The just ended 19th Pan African Media Research Conference, organized by PAMRO was in Lagos, Nigeria. This 2 day annual conference presents an opportunity for audience research stakeholders in the [...]

GeoPoll Partners with Marketing Society of Kenya to Launch 2018 World Cup Insights Report

On Thursday 17th May 2018, GeoPoll and the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) jointly launched GeoPoll’s latest 2018 World Cup insights report to over 80 marketers, media owners and sports [...]

Understanding African Millennials; GeoPoll Presents on A Misunderstood Generation at #AMRA2018

Mention the word millennials in a gathering and you may hear the words ‘entitled’,’ lazy’, and ‘narcissistic,’ among other adjectives. The millennial generation typically thought of as those born [...]

TechChange Features GeoPoll in its “Mobiles for International Development” Course

TechChange’s “Mobiles for International Development” online professional development course featured GeoPoll this month. In a live lecture and demo session titled “New Approaches to Mobile [...]

Out of Home Media Takes a Stand at #PAMRO2017

 As media fragmentation becomes more prevalent than ever, it’s changing the way audiences consume both media and brand messages. Data has become the oil for consumer marketing. So, how do media [...]

We Celebrate Data & Research at Nairobi Garage’s After Office Hours

What’s the role of data and information in today’s business world?  The term big data has in recent times become a buzz word in describing large volumes of data. However, it’s not the [...]

GeoPoll at Santa Clara Strata Conference 2014 – Infrastructure, insights and impact

From February 11 to 13, GeoPoll chief Data Scientist Max Richman attended the 2014 O’Reilly Strata conference in Santa Clara, California.  On Wednesday, he gave his talk about lessons [...]

GeoPoll at the Second USIP Iraq Peace Tech Camp

During the first weekend of February, Max Richman, Chief Data Scientist at GeoPoll, attended the US Institute of Peace (USIP)’s second Peace Tech Camp in Erbil, Iraq (here’s a link to the [...]

Mobile Conference 2013 Recap

On Thursday September 26, 2013 GeoPoll attended the Mobiles! What have we learned? Where are we going? Conference in DC (#M4D2013). Around 150 innovators and policy-makers met at the offices of [...]

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