Mobile Penetration in South Africa

In the twenty-six years since the first mobile phones were available in South Africa in 1994, mobile connectivity has grown rapidly in the country, resulting in high mobile penetration rates in [...]

Lucy Wanyee on adapting research to evolving needs

Lucy Wanyee is an Operations Manager at GeoPoll, overseeing a cross-functional team that handles survey operations from end-to-end and ensures internal and client data needs are delivered at the [...]

Report: Mobile Phone and App Usage in Africa and Asia

Over the last two decades, the mobile phone has become more and more integral to many people’s lives across the world. Mobile penetration rates have snowballed in most parts of the world, [...]

What are Research Panels?

As with any form of research, there are considerations to be aware of when deciding upon the methodology best fit for accomplishing research goals. Research panels can be a powerful tool when [...]

Pakistan Study on COVID-19, US Troop Withdrawal

Pakistan’s large population and geographically significant location make it an important partner for multiple countries, including the United States, which considers Pakistan a strategic ally in [...]

Scott Lansell on Data Collection for International Development

Scott Lansell is GeoPoll’s Vice President for International Development & Relief, and manages GeoPoll’s work in the international development and humanitarian sectors. Below is an abbreviated [...]

Mobile Penetration in Latin America

Latin America consists of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean, and the term generally applies to all countries whose [...]

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