GeoPoll’s 2020 In Review

The events of 2020 were unlike any the globe has experienced before, with COVID-19 dominating lives around the world for most of the year. Individual’s routines have dramatically changed, [...]

The GeoPoll Holiday Report: Holiday plans and New Year Resolutions

2020 has been a different year, and the holidays will be different, too. Like we did at the end of 2019, we ran a fun survey via the GeoPoll App in four countries – Ghana, Kenya, South [...]

Remote Data Collection in Northern Ethiopia: Tigray and Amhara

Over the past weeks, a humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in the Northern Ethiopian region of Tigray, as the conflict between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and [...]

The impact of COVID-19 on income and consumer habits in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has not experienced as many COVID-19 cases as other regions. However, there has been a significant impact on day-to-day livelihoods, with varying degrees of restrictions across [...]

Vaccine Hesitancy and COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in sub-Saharan Africa

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to be distributed, attention is now turning to vaccine production and distribution. With a limited supply available, countries are acquiring vaccine doses for their [...]

GeoPoll’s 2020 Year End Report: Ongoing Impact of COVID-19 in 6 African Countries

While sub-Saharan Africa has not experienced as many COVID-19 cases as other regions, countries throughout the area have been under varying levels of restrictions which have nevertheless had a [...]

Wycliffe Litabalia on what it takes to run great research surveys

Wycliffe Litabalia is a Survey Operations Manager at GeoPoll. He leads our survey operations processes, from survey design to research data handover to the research team. Below is a conversation [...]

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