GeoPoll’s Top Research Projects of 2019

In 2019 GeoPoll continued to expand our work conducting mobile-based research around the globe. In addition to moving into new markets in Latin America and Africa such as Somalia, GeoPoll [...]

Holiday Survey: Gifts, Travel and other Holiday Plans

The holidays are here! It is a time for most people to rest from an eventful year and re-energize for next year, as well as celebrate holidays that come with it. To understand the plans that [...]

Ineligible, Quota Reached and Other Survey Errors

You get a notification for a new survey. You open the survey and excitedly start answering questions. But then you come across an error. “Sorry, you are ineligible for this survey,” [...]

E-commerce in Africa: Youth Online Shopping Behavior Across Six African Countries

E-commerce is a relatively new way for people to shop in Africa and each country has its own unique rate of adoption of online shopping platforms. In contrast to brick and mortar stores, online [...]

GeoPoll wins Best Mobile-Based Research Solutions Brand Award

GeoPoll was named the Best Mobile-Based Research Solutions Brand at the Digital Tech Excellence Awards held in Nairobi on Thursday, December 5, 2019. The Digital Tech Excellence Awards recognize [...]

Holiday Television Viewership Trends in Ghana: A 2019 GeoPoll Audience Measurement Report

The variation from the typical day-to-day routine that many people experience during the holiday season can impact television viewership behavior. Media buyers need to anticipate such behavior [...]

Money: How the Youth in Africa Earn, Spend, Save and Invest

Africa is known as a young continent for a reason. It is estimated that 75% of Africa’s population is under the age of 35, which means that many of the continent’s sectors depend on the welfare [...]

Data Report: Black Friday Shopping in South Africa 2019

Black Friday originated as an American shopping holiday, held the day after Thanksgiving to indicate the start of the holiday shopping season, which has recently grown in popularity outside the [...]

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