Financial Exclusion vs. Financial Inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

  In every country, there are people who are denied the right to pursue a life of their choosing because they are excluded from the formal financial sector. The inequality created by this [...]

How GeoPoll Conducts Nationally Representative Surveys

One of the most common questions GeoPoll gets is around how we conduct research through the mobile phone that is nationally representative, meaning results have a high level of accuracy for the [...]

Mobile Phone Apps for Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Agricultural mobile phone applications have the potential to ignite a revolution in farming that will lower prices for consumers, as well as educate, motivate, and support farmers to increase [...]

Why GeoPoll Collects Data

A user recently asked us through our Facebook page why we ask the questions we ask in surveys and how we use the data we collect. In this article, we will look at a few real-life examples of the [...]

Holiday Spending in Africa: How Consumers Plan to Shop in 2019

As many countries in sub-Saharan Africa struggle with slow economies, high rates of unemployment, and rising taxes, there are concerns around how these factors will affect the media and [...]

Report Release: The State of Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

GeoPoll is pleased to announce the release of a new report from our most recent study on financial services in sub-Saharan Africa. The 26-page report provides data on how youth in six African [...]

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