Smartphone and Mobile Internet Penetration In Africa And Globally

Mobile Internet is becoming one of the most widely-used methods of connectivity worldwide and the vehicle for such connectivity is smartphones for many. This is due to advances in technology that [...]

Managing your GeoPoll User Account

You have successfully downloaded the App and registered your GeoPoll account. Congratulations! That’s the first step to taking part in important decisions and actions by brands, [...]

Audience Measurement Report: Kenya, July and August 2019

As part of GeoPoll’s reports on TV and radio audiences in Kenya, we are pleased to release select data from July to August 2019. This data represents a small portion of the data collected by [...]

A Tale of Bees: How Invite A Friend Works

The bee is one of the most intriguing insects in the world. They live together in a community that they protect and fend for – together. And this togetherness – sheer numbers – [...]

Collecting Qualitative Data Through Mobile Phones

Qualitative data in Market Research During every research project there comes a key moment – the decision around what type of data will best answer the posed research question. While quantitative [...]

GeoPoll at PAMRO: How Mobile Research Helped Launch Satirical News in Nigeria

GeoPoll was pleased to attend the Pan African Media Research Organization (PAMRO) annual conference last week in Mauritius. GeoPoll sponsored the event, which spanned two days and allowed leaders [...]

Case Study: Misinformation in Indonesia

In January 2018, President Joko Widodo appointed Major General Djoko Setiadi as Head of the newly formed National Cyber and Encryption Agency to help national intelligence agencies and law [...]

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