Kenya TV and Radio Audience Data: February 2019

At a time when there is an increased need for up-to-date data on audience habits in Kenya, GeoPoll is pleased to share insights on radio and television ratings for the first half of February [...]

IIEX Conference 2019

I was pleased to attend IIEX Europe this week in Amsterdam, where researchers from brands, technology providers, and market research agencies of all sizes convened to discuss the latest trends in [...]

Pros and Cons of Interactive Voice Response Surveys

Modern technology has opened up opportunities for collecting survey data throughout the world. Today, there are multiple methods for conducting survey-based market research and the most [...]

Survey Design for Emerging Markets at SampleCon

GeoPoll was excited to attend SampleCon this week in Austin, Texas. Focused on the survey sampling industry, SampleCon brought together experts from both sample providers such as GeoPoll and [...]

Autism in Kenya, A GeoPoll and Kaizora Study

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects an individual’s ability to interact with others, communicate and display or repetitive behaviours or interests.  Since [...]

Collecting Consumer Insights through Surveys

Data should be the driving force behind your marketing efforts, and collecting customer insights will help you better understand your customers in order to improve product advertising and [...]

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