Understanding the Kenyan Gambling Consumer: Insights on Sports Betting

Kenya has the highest number of gambling youth in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and sports betting has become the most popular form of gambling, according to GeoPoll’s series of studies on the rise of [...]

Tips for Mobile Data Collection

Mobile research is a unique form of data collection that requires a detail oriented planning process. GeoPoll specializes in remote data collection through mobile channels in hard to reach areas [...]

GeoPoll Report: Tanzania Free to Air TV Switch

Impact of the Tanzania Free-to-Air Switch on Television Audiences There has been an upheaval of the media landscape in Tanzania in the past month. Following communication by Tanzania [...]

Understanding Research Panels; Mobile, Online & How They Work

Researchers, like practitioners in similar highly specialized disciplines, have the tendency to throw around certain terms which, if you are a non-researcher, simply fly over your head. One of [...]

Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Emerging Markets

Year-over-year, the key to a healthy bottom line for any company is happy customers who are satisfied with the products or services they receive, and are likely to become repeat purchasers. As we [...]

Data Driven Decision Making Trainings for International Development

A key element of USAID Transforms, and similar initiatives, is the idea that the purpose of foreign aid is to end the need for its existence. This shift requires a strong emphasis on local [...]

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