GeoPoll’s FIFA World Cup Brand Communication Lessons at PAMRO 2018

The just ended 19th Pan African Media Research Conference, organized by PAMRO was in Lagos, Nigeria. This 2 day annual conference presents an opportunity for audience research stakeholders in the [...]

The Future of Online Streaming & On Demand Video in Africa, Our Chat With Kwese Iflix CEO

The 2018 World Cup highlighted the changes in live sports viewership across the world, and especially in Africa, where there has been significant growth in the use of streaming services to watch [...]

The Importance of Net Promoter Score for Brand Health

Net Promoter Score is a metric that provides insight into the loyalty and enthusiasm that consumers have for a particular brand. Customer experience satisfaction is statistically calculated in [...]

GeoPoll Report: 2018 World Cup Insights—Device Usage, Viewing Habits, and Sports Betting in Africa

GeoPoll is pleased to release our latest report, which examines viewer engagement and habits throughout the 2018 World Cup in Africa. The report is the second and final release of a two-part [...]

GeoPoll Launches Center for CATI Surveys in Nigeria

GeoPoll offers multi-modal mobile data collection, and CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is one of our most frequently requested modes, as it allows organizations to reach [...]

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