World Cup 2018: Over 29% of TV watching audiences from 5 African Countries watch the Nigeria Vs. Argentina match

The match between Nigeria and Argentina on Tuesday 26th June was watched by an average of over 29% of all TV watching audiences in the six African countries where GeoPoll collects daily audience [...]

Examining the Rural to Urban Exodus in Sub-Saharan Africa

Young people in rural sub-Saharan Africa are rapidly moving to urban centers—hoping to start their lives anew. Studies conducted by GeoPoll show that SSA’s rural population decreased while urban [...]

World Cup 2018: Nigeria’s Super Eagles Melt Iceland to Face Argentina their Biggest Football Nemesis

Africa’s most formidable team, the Nigerian Super Eagles will know their fate tonight once they face their greatest football nemesis, Argentina. This will be one of the most anticipated matches [...]

The Value of Data for Brand Health Tracking

As marketing and research professionals, we are many things. We are innovative. We are resourceful. We are savvy. But above all else, we are goal oriented. Whether the company we work for is big [...]

2018 FIFA World Cup Kick Off: African Viewership

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off on 14 June 2018 with pomp and glamour. British performing and recording artist Robbie Williams together with Russian singer, Aida Garifullina gave a resounding [...]

Frequently Asked Questions in Mobile research

The use of mobile devices as a data collection mode in research has been around for less than 10 years. The rapid growth and evolution of mobile devices from basic feature phones at the advent of [...]

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