GeoPoll Partners with Marketing Society of Kenya to Launch 2018 World Cup Insights Report

On Thursday 17th May 2018, GeoPoll and the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) jointly launched GeoPoll’s latest 2018 World Cup insights report to over 80 marketers, media owners and sports [...]

GeoPoll Quarter One 2018 Radio & TV Audience Ratings Report

The Media landscape in Africa has been evolving over time. This evolution has seen the explosion of traditional and new media even as the media and audiences become further fragmented due to new [...]

GeoPoll Data from DRC’s Conflict-Ridden Ituri Province

Ongoing Violence in Ituri Province Ituri province, a northeastern province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has been experiencing increasing levels of violence and unrest. Interethnic [...]

GeoPoll Report: 2018 World Cup Insights from Africa

Today GeoPoll is pleased to release our latest report, which examines the popularity of the World Cup in Africa, predicts viewership trends for the tournament, and gives insights into what teams [...]

Testing Survey Modes to Collect Taxpayer Data in Liberia

GeoPoll regularly works with partners looking to conduct remote mobile surveys with extremely targeted populations, and our team has become experts in the survey modes and research techniques [...]

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